#HorrorMovieWeeklyRoundup | Week 3

Posted: June 22, 2013 in #HorrorMovieWeeklyRoundUp, Movies- reviews, lists etc
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Had wanted to make this a weekly feature but was unable to do so partially due to the exams and mainly because of my slothful disposition.

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1. Carrie [1976]-

If you see the film poster, you would think that this would be one of the most scariest movies ever made. Far from being a horror movie (Carrie’s religious whacko mother was the horror element, in fact ), it is a poignant story about an emotionally and physically abused girl who discovers that she possesses telekinetic powers which can be unleashed with terrifying consequences when pushed to the limits. Carrie can also be considered as symbolic of the bullying incidents that happen at school and how an abused psyche can lash out with disastrous results. Sissy Spacek puts in an unbelievable performance as the meek recluse Carrie and ‘carries’ the movie on her shoulders right from the shower room menarche scene to the climax. A must watch!

Horror quotient: Low | 4.5/5 stars

I recently watched the trailer of the Carrie remake and they have messed up the casting itself. Chloe Moretz as Carrie? Come on!

2. Cabin Fever [2002]

Directed by Eli Roth who later on opened a new chapter in the torture porn genre with his Hostel movies, Cabin Fever is a mediocre movie with hardly any horror. A group of friends go to the woods and get infected by a flesh-eating virus. It is more about how people would react when faced with such a situation e.g. Imagine you are out on a trip with some friends and some of you contract a spreadable infection. Then what would you do? And how would the locals in that area react? The movie is about this. (Hope… that doesn’t happen *evil smile*)

Horror quotient: Mild | 2.5/5 stars

3. Demons [1985]

A piece of advice- If you are a horror fan, then lap up any movie that has the name Dario Argento associated with it. Directed by Lamberto Bava under the aegis of Argento, Demons is a complete roller-coaster ride. The plot? People go to watch a movie, demons attack and all hell breaks loose. The soundtrack- hard punk rock music (unlikely to be seen in your conventional horror movie) complements the campy feel of the movie. Bare-fanged demons run havoc, there is gratuitous violence and gore and the cheesy acting adds to the entertainment. A fun watch.

Horror quotient: High | 3/5 stars

4. The Shining [1980]

Ashamed to admit that I hadn’t watched this until now. Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, The Shining is every bit the terrifying horror film it is touted to be. We have Jack Nicholson, (who anyway looks abnormal even when completely normal) playing the character of Jack Torrance, suffering from writer’s block and experiencing hallucinatory visions of the hotel’s past horror. His mental breakdown, his wife’s ever petrified expressions and especially his ESP gifted son’s horrifying premonitions are the best parts of the movie. Kubrick maintains an eerie, chilling fear that engulfs every frame of the movie and gets you squirming every now and then. Truly a remarkable film from a remarkable director!

Horror quotient: Very high | 5/5 stars


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