Man Of Steel: Movie Review

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Movies- reviews, lists etc
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*Warning: Spoilers follow.*

There is nothing to spoil.
You can expect the obvious story in the first movie of a reboot series where a superhero meets a supervillain.


I feel quite lazy in updating my blog and would rather post the movie review on Facebook where you can just post what you want to say in a jiffy without going through the drill of formatting, uploading pics and all that stuff. Anyway, since Superman has been my first childhood superhero (and my favorite ever. Batman comes second), a review of Man Of Steel was necessary.

First of all, the movie plot- what is it about? Man Of Steel is mainly a Superman origins movie which follows the story of Kal-El from the mayhem and doom swirling around the planet Krypton to his superhero world-saving act on earth. The story is nothing much to speak about and you can expect things to unravel in exactly the way you expect. There are quite some positives and negatives in this movie, some of which are:

Thumbs Up-

1. The mind-boggling jaw-dropping scale of action that is unleashed on screen is the delight of every fan looking for their adrenaline gratification. You can just gape open-mouthed at the blitzkrieg of impressive CGI and thunderous visual effects that are embedded within each frame of the movie. In short, the SFX-action in Man of Steel >>>> SFX-Action in Transformers+ Iron Man + The Avengers combined. It is really on a gargantuan scale and has to be seen to be believed.

2. The villains- General Zod and his henchmen prove to be more than a match for Superman and the self-righteous motives (of saving Krypton and his race)  instead of some ‘conquering the universe’ shit works out well. In fact, you can say that Zod is more of an anti-hero than villain. (By the way, what do supervillains intend to do in those ludicrous ‘taking over the universe’ plots? Destroy everything and then stare stupidly around at nothingness wearing bright spandex pants?)

Thumbs Down-

Ah, the negatives. Even though the movie instills in you a sense of awe due to its stupendous action-destruction sequences, there are quite some drawbacks which prevent Man of Steel from being the perfect Superman movie that fans had been waiting for.

1. The story follows a non-linear sequence which becomes confusing at times. You feel like blurting out- ‘Hey, why is Superman here? How did he get here? What is this about?’ type stuff. All this doesn’t matter later on though, when you get bombarded with the guilty-pleasure glory of furious super-action pyrotechnics.

2. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. See, neither is there any time in the movie to get the chemistry between Superman and Lois Lane crackling nor does Henry Cavill in particular make any effort to be more interesting. He seems like a jaded out handsome dude who needs to work more on his acting. I haven’t seen any of his previous work but the overall result is boring in this one.

3. Yet another annoying thing were the Christianity-God references and the implied analogy of Superman and Jesus. I don’t know whether this was Nolan’s idea of making Superman seem like a more complicated character, forever introspecting on his existentiality but religious symbolism should be kept to a minimum in superhero movies.

Final Verdict: A must watch for action buffs and fans of the comic. Here is finally a movie that delivers on what you actually expect when you intend to watch a Superman movie. Zack Snyder has initiated the mega-scale awesomeness which would blow your socks off in the future sequels too. And people who complain about the excessive action or compare it with The Dark Knight trilogy, there is a LOT OF difference between Superman and Batman comics. Please go read them or either watch some Terrence Malick movie if you dislike the wham bang action. Remember the time when you used to watch such movies as a kid? Did you go in the movie hall expecting soul-searching dialogues and philosophical bromides? NO!

3.5/5 stars

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